Friday, September 11, 2015

About Me

 Let me start off with some of the most common questions people ask me when they first meet me.

My name is Noelia Canales Cole but you can call me Noe (pronounced NO-E).

My parents are from Managua, Nicaragua and that is why I look ethnic or exotic, but I am from California. My family moved to Oregon after I graduated high school. At 20 years old I moved to Utah to finish college. I studied Behavioral Science and I plan on continuing my schooling and getting a masters in Social Work.

I learned Spanish first. This explains why I am speak Spanish and it also explains why sometimes I may say or write things "backwards". It really depends who I am speaking to.

I married my sweet, adorable, handsome husband, Joshua Lee Cole on November 16, 2012 in the Salt Lake City Temple. Most people don't believe in Soul Mates but I KNOW that my husband and I are attached by the soul and joined by the heart. I love more than I ever thought to love a "random" person, to come into my life.

On July 28th of 2015 we had our baby boy, Kai Martin Cole. Oh MY GOSH! He melts my heart! He is the perfect mix of Josh and I. My heart has never been so full and overwhelmed at the same time.

Together these two mean everything to me.

In this blog you will read my experiences as a wife, mother, educator, weightlifter and as a woman. I hope that by sharing my stories I can help those that feel alone and create new friendships. 

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